Our Digital Materials

Your student can now engage with Montessori learning at home, at school, or on the go with MRD Online. We have engineered a set of digital Montessori materials that faithfully mimic the pedagogy of the Classic Montessori Curriculum.

Our online “classroom” follows the “three-period lesson” format of naming, recognizing, and remembering.



Each concept is introduced to the child aurally and visually.



The child manipulates the material in stages until they have mastered the concept. Errors are corrected in real time throughout the lesson.


The child is asked to name each object in the lesson before proceeding to the next concept.

The three-step, interactive process ensures that your student benefits from self-directed learning and engagement with the material. Keep reading to view demonstrations of our innovative approach to digital learning.

Interactive Video Lessons

The interactive video lesson first presents the child with several words and images, each highlighting the relevant parts along with the nomenclature. Then the child is asked to identify the images on the screen.

Three-Part Cards Activities

Our digital three-part cards reproduce the traditional three-part card activity – but with an added control for error. As the child moves through each concept, they receive immediate feedback both visually and aurally. Incorrect answers must be corrected before a lesson can be completed. An audio cue on each card can be employed to reinforce understanding.

Additional Activities Further Reinforce Learning

voice recognition activities

reading activities

encoding activities

watch our introductory video below